The History of Castle Hills

Cooper & the Castle Hills Gang

Cooper & the Castle Hills Gang is a 51-minute movie filmed entirely on location in Castle Hills, with over 900 residents serving as extras. Presented by Bright Realty and produced by Bright & Co. Marketing, Cooper & the Castle Hills Gang was filmed over 12 days in October, 2010. It debuted as part of the Dallas International Film Festival in April 2011, in conjunction with a special outdoor screening that took place in Castle Hills that attracted over 2,000 residents who viewed the film for the first time. Since then, the film has been seen by thousands of people. Today, the film may be viewed online, and DVD copies continue to be distributed to prospects who are interested in the Castle Hills story.

Cooper & the Castle Hills Gang showcases the people, places and vibrant lifestyle that the north Dallas community of Castle Hills has to offer. By featuring residents, homes, shops, pools, schools, parks and the golf course, the film invites the viewer to experience what Castle Hills is all about, through the magic of storytelling and film.

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Why a movie?

Because Castle Hills is such a unique and special place, in 2010 Bright Realty committed to a project to tell the world about Castle Hills in a unique and special way. Everyone loves movies. They capture our imagination, engage our spirit and remind us how rich and satisfying life can be. Engaging the viewer through the medium of film is one of the most effective ways to connect, and Castle Hills always strives to connect with people.

What’s the movie about?

Eleven-year-old Cooper Callaghan knows how to have fun, especially while living in what he calls “the greatest neighborhood in the world.” Summer days are filled with elaborate games, adventures and the occasional practical joke on his temperamental older sister, Penny. But when Castle Hills’ favorite grandpa, Mr. Wilson, loses something dear to him and his wife, Cooper and his friends face a mission that may be impossible to complete. With only a handful of hours before Mrs. Wilson returns home for the big July 4th celebration at the Village Shops, Cooper must search every corner of Castle Hills, outsmart his sister and overcome his own pride to save the day.

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The History of Castle Hills

What Makes Castle Hills Special?

In addition to stunning homes, wonderful amenities, and a prime location, Castle Hills has over 25 parks and green spaces, several lakes and trees planted every 30 feet. Expansive views and signs of nature are all around. Quaint bridges and streetlamps gracefully guide you home. A sense of community turns neighbors into friends.

  • Mail is delivered right to your door by the Homeowners Association’s very own mail carriers.
  • Castle Hills welcomes new residents to their newly-constructed homes with a free, catered meal delivered right to their front door.
  • Currently, there are over 25 parks in Castle Hills. Each park is designed to inspire imagination. Parks include: Lake Avalon Park, Pirate Ship Park, Echo Park, Train Park, Dragon Park and many more! Pick up the Adventures Map at the Community Center.
  • Hike-and-bike trails wind throughout Castle Hills offering many outdoor recreational opportunities for residents.
  • Residents look forward to various community events, such as: Easter Egg Hunt, July 4th Freedom Festival with parade and fireworks, Fall Festival with pumpkin patch and Holiday in the Plaza annual tree lighting.
  • The pool season is from the first of April to the first week of October. Three of the five pools are staffed with lifeguards from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
  • In addition to the 24-hour private security patrol, a Neighborhood Crime Watch Program is in effect.
  • Catch-and-release fishing is allowed on the 12-acre park and lake area. Residents may purchase a fishing permit from the Denton County Fresh Water Supply District for $1.00.
  • Shade trees have been planted every 30-40 feet in the parkway throughout Castle Hills; as the trees mature they will create a canopy effect.
  • Scenic areas, such as Gazebo Park, ponds, bridges and other beautifully landscaped areas are perfect for play and quiet relaxation.
The History of Castle Hills

What’s in a name?

The name Castle Hills was chosen to evoke the idea of home as a castle while suggesting the natural rolling landscape of the land that became Castle Hills. Also, the name Castle Hills is a subtle nod to the late family patriarch, H.R. “Bum” Bright, and his love of Arthurian legend.

As a child, Bum loved reading the tales of King Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot and the sword Excalibur. Bum specifically cited the positive character traits extolled through tales of the Knights of the Round Table, like chivalry, humility, virtue, equanimity, kindness and loyalty. As a result, streets, parks, lakes and other landmarks in Castle Hills are named after references to Arthurian legend.

The History of Castle Hills


Consistently recognized as the best master-planned community in north Texas, Castle Hills has received the highest level of recognition as the 2012 Gold Award for "Community of the Year" from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). For 2012, Castle Hills is the only community in the nation to receive this honor, judged by a panel of home building and development experts. Castle Hills is recognized based on its amenities, overall planning and layout, general appeal and marketing excellence. Overall, Castle Hills has been awarded:

  • Award
    2012 "Community of the Year" Gold Award (National Winner) - National Association of Home Builders
  • Award
    2012 "Community of the Year" Silver Award (Regional Winner) - National Association of Home Builders
  • Award
    2012 ARC Award for Custom Community of the Year (Enchanted Hill) - Dallas Builders Association
  • Award
    2011 Realtors' Choice "Community of the Year" Award Dallas Home Builders Association
  • Award
    2007 "Community of the Year" Award Dallas Home Builders Association